Boomtown Sports AA Interviews in "Rush Hour 4"

Posted Sat, Aug 27, 2005 by Ethec

Rush Hour, sans Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan
The last installment of this Auto Assault interview series focuses on why the release date was pushed to 2006, PvP action, backstory, and what AA has to offer in the way of high-end content.

" Can we have a few words on the recent news that Auto Assault has decided to extend the beta, and the improvements they are working towards?

Scott Brown: We evaluated the state of the current game after rushing to get LOTS of content into the game and realized it was not ready for prime time. So we are taking some time to go through every inch of the games content now and making sure it is fun, looks great, and brings a new experience to the game. Specifically, this also gives us more time to get class balances right and make sure PvP is everything we want it to be for the initial release. It is giving us an opportunity that we are all very excited about, and lets us make Auto Assault the best game it can be. "

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