Ganked! - August, 28, 2005

Posted Sun, Aug 28, 2005 by Ethec

Ganked! Sunday edition.
Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle with the Sunday morning comics... er, I mean real-life news that's completely ridiculous but taken from creditable, TTH-approved sources.
What's new and sort-of new around the Ten Ton Hammer communities:
Everquest 2 -
The "Thundering Steppes" zone guide - maximize your time in this level 18-30ish zone.

Everquest 2 - Tradeskills: Levels 1-10 - in a jiff and with the least cost!
World of Warcraft
- Priest Guide - The recent update covers a host of fundamentals.
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - 17 Classes Too Many? - Finchal takes an early look at how SoH will handle class roles.
Guild Wars - Understanding the Warrior's Role - You might be surprised at this more-than-a-meatshield approach.
Lord of the Rings Online
- Lunch of the Rings - Our very own Blindharper brings back an exciting report from a luncheon with Turbine devs

And on to the news that you could make up. Just kidding, there's no way you could, really. It happened, and that's just all there is to it, see?

  • Farmer Discovers and Traps First Goat Blood-Sucking Chupacabra in Texas

    The vampiric rat-kangaroo-dog actually bears a resemblance to Michael Jackson... or maybe it's just the pastiness.
  • Replica of Buddha's Tooth Stolen from Asian Temple

    Apparently the replica of buddha's belly wouldn't fit in the rickshaw.
  • British Researchers Probe the Causes of Housecat "Petting Aggression"

    Cures for Alzheimer's and Heart Disease still waiting for funding.
  • Peeping Tom Mechanics Inspect More than Your Car

    At $65 a labor hour, they could've at least given patrons a reach-around.
  • Have a Problem with Hideaway Bandits? Calcutta Says, Release Lions!

    Not since Roman times have criminals had such a sporting chance. Announce CABAL Online Free To Play

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