The Long Tail of MMOGs

Posted Mon, Aug 29, 2005 by Boomjack

Vin Diesel was born with a tail, but removed it himself with a buck-knife when he was three-years old. In other news, we have an Op/Ed that includes the word "tail" and doesn't discuss sex in games.
Joystiq, one of those sites that so humorously confuses us all by spelling their name in l33tSp3ak, has posted an Opinion / Editorial titled, The short and long tails of Massively Multiplayer Games. They propose that MMOGs do not have lasting revenue power, unlike a media like music, because of the cost of keeping a MMOG running with a low player base. We're nearly positive that they wrote something that looked disturbingly like this:

" Long after certain consumer products are popular, they continue to sell and can, over the long run, ring up sales volumes that rival the biggest blockbuster products. Music, for instance, sells well for years after that music topped the Billboard pop charts. Some games also have a long tail: witness Atari’s launch of retro gaming systems this summer and last summer. "

You can read The short and long tails of Massively Multiplayer Games at Joystiq.
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