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Posted Mon, Aug 29, 2005 by Boomjack

It's a slooooooooow day for MMOG news. We did get a mailing list setup. We'll send out the daily headlines and whatever else catches our fancy to those of you who prefer e-mail to the Web. I tried sticking the little "Sign Up" dodad in here, but the system cough, sputtered and went into cardiac arrest. I was able to start CPR in time and you are left with the fancy picture at the top of the left menu for your mailing list subscription needs.

Monday Vin Diesel Fact:

Vin Diesel owns a business where he recharges batteries with a lay of hands.

I've been coming up with crazy headlines for news stories and I think it's about time some of you gave back instead of just taking every day. Now whaddaya say? Here's your chance to be famous, or at least get your name in front of the six people that read this column. I'll post a link to a story and the person with the best headline gets it on the site complete with their name (or alias) in lights if they so choose.
Today's Story - Race Exudes City's Uniqueness

Send your headline submissions to [email protected].
What's new on the network.

What was recently recent, or what we still want you to decide.

Now on to the real world. You can't make this stuff up.

  • Google is Building Its Own Internet

    Constipation can even be a problem for an entity like Google. More fiber the doctor said, so more fiber they shall have.
  • iPod "Shuffle" Randomness Explained

    Apple cultists rejoice. Their iFaith iRenewed in the omnipotent powers of their overpriced gadgets.
  • Authorities in Turkey Arrest Two in Zotob Investigation

    How they got into the turkey is still unclear, but apparently the cranberry sauce was delicious.
  • Search Engines Take On Talk

    Howard Stern and Opus and WhatsHisName to create their own Instant Messengers, aptly called IM Annoying.
  • Poker Bot Invades Online Tables

    All hail our new PokerBot overlords.
  • Human Cannonball Flies Over Mexican / U.S. Border

    Gardeners across California camouflage hidden 'landing nets' and await the impending invasion.
  • Coffee Is Good For You

    In other news, guy who drinks a lot of coffee condones its use.
  • Japanese Prime Minister Accused of Having Female Ninjas.

    Opposition party hires pirates. The war has begun.
  • Canada Ranks Only Behind Saudi Arabia in Oil Reserves.

    American troops begin massing on Alberta border.

-- John "Boomjack" Hoskin Announce CABAL Online Free To Play

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