Devs Detail SoR Backstory

Posted Wed, Aug 31, 2005 by Ethec

In the beginning, there was Atys...

Nevrax Entertainment takes things (literally) back to the beginning with their "World Tour" of the out-now Fantasy MMOG "Saga of Ryzom."

Across the universe, past vast galaxies, there was a great fusion of matter, and a unique world came into being. The primeval roots were soon sprouting green tendrils into the sky, fowl were soaring on the wing, and beasts romping in the frenetic miracle of Life.

There lives on this planet, called Atys, humanoids, called homins. There are four homin races: Matis, Tryker, Fyros and Zoraï. To this day, nobody has managed to shed light on the mystery surrounding their arrival. A legend nonetheless has been passed on through the ages, and this legend is the key to discovering the secret behind the origins of Atys.

More storyline and screenshots than shake your Saga at in the Ryzom "World Tour" at!


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