Exhibitors Seek MMOGers Like You!

Posted Thu, Sep 01, 2005 by Ethec

Want to show off your "alter ego"?

A writer / photographer team will be travelling the US seeking MMOG players that make their virtual world their handle on reality, especially those who have found their "significant other" online. I did... too bad she's an NPC. Ours is a forbidden love; bah, she was getting a little predictable anyway.

Writer Tracy Spaight and photographer Robbie Cooper will be interviewing and photographing MMO players for the Alter Ego Exhibition and book in the coming weeks. Alter Ego takes viewers on a journey into the frontiers of cyberspace to explore community, identity, love, and loss within virtual worlds. Alter Ego will:

· Document the growing culture of video games and online worlds in an intelligent, witty, and accessible way
· Explore how gamers use technology to create novel forms of community and identity in cyberspace
· Provide a visually arresting and entertaining journalistic record of life on the cyber frontier

Alter Ego juxtaposes photographs of real people with their avatars and documents life on the screen with player stories, interviews, and screen grabs. The exhibition opens in Amsterdam this November and will visit other cities across Europe, the U.S., and the Far East beginning next year. The book will be published sometime next summer. You can read about the original exhibit at

Robbie and Tracy are looking for players who:

- Look like their avatars
- Play a different gender than their real world gender
- Met their significant other online
- Have a colorful, off-the-wall, or unusual story about their online experiences

The authors have not finalized their itinerary, but plan to begin their trip in South Carolina on September 10th and work their way up the East coast. From there they'll travel to selected cities in the Mid-West before heading out to California. If you'd like to be a part of the project, please send an email to Tracy at [email protected]. Tell where you live, how to contact you, and why you would make a good interview subject for the book / exhibit.

Alter Ego is an independent project that is not sponsored, approved, or endorsed by NCsoft Corporation, NC Interactive, Inc., Cryptic Studios, Inc., NetDevil Ltd, or ArenaNet Inc. This notice is presented as a courtesy to members of our community who may wish to voluntarily participate. Please direct all inquiries about Alter Ego to the creators at [email protected].

Get in touch with your exhibitionist self... email Tracy and Robbie today! Announce CABAL Online Free To Play

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