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New Professions Page / Deskpaper for GW

Posted Thu, Sep 01, 2005 by Ethec

A profession? My profession is weak bylines!

Guild Wars' official site is sporting a new page dedicated to explaining each of the game's six professions. But who has time for that when there's deskpaper (and yes, we at TTH want to change your hearts and minds about what's been previously dubbed "wallpaper" - does it go on your wall? Nope.), sweet sweet Guild Wars Deskpape, to be downloaded?

Wallpaper of the Week 31 August 2005

This Wednesday's desktop presents an early concept for a Guild Hall design, dating from summer of 2004. You'll find your choice of wallpaper sizes and aspect ratios in the Gallery, or on this direct link.

Professions Section Updated 31 August 2005

We've taken another pass at the Professions Section and now display the names and descriptions of each skill and the related skill icon, as well. Find this expanded content on this page.

Have a look at the Guild Wars professions, or have a sample from the Guild Wars Deskpaper tray. Go on!

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