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"Sorrow's Furnace" Preview at IGN

Posted Wed, Sep 07, 2005 by Ethec

/sings "And that's the recipe for makin' sorrow!"

How would you like to have your spirit shackled so you can be treated as a contemptible slave in a sweltering dungeon? We thought you would, and so did! IGN is hot for Sorrow's Furnace, and we can see why...

With the addition of Sorrow's Furnace, players will receive two new zones with a ton of new quests and content along with smaller additions to existing areas and new gameplay mechanics. These guys play the game a ton themselves and workers dedicated to looking through player feedback and compiling it for the team to see have found some obvious areas of improvement. One of the most glaring bits that many players have mentioned is the issue of progression and reward. As it is right now, players making their way through the story campaign will tromp along swimingly, growing in power and skill at a great pace, when they'll run smack into a wall that slows progression mingling frustration with the fun.

Read the lengthy Guild Wars: Sorrow's Furnace preview at IGN.

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