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Guild Wars State of the Game: Shaking Down the Shake-Up

Posted Tue, Nov 27, 2007 by Aelryn

Assassins don't evaluate. They assassinate.

The latest State of the Game is out for Guild Wars, discussing the recent balancing changes made to the game.

Casters with Heal Party run flags and help relieve pressure on the party without fear of an Assassin jumping on them. Monk backlines run Word of Healing. No, you haven't stumbled upon another "remembering the past" article. This month, two significant skill balance updates shook up the metagame. At this rate, this article may become outdated before it even gets published! So let's take a quick look at some of the more immediate effects on PvP: Monk Skill Bars have changed dramatically, Assassins must re-evaluate how quickly they can take down enemies, and fewer teams will ask Necromancers to substitute for Monks.

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