European Warcraft Server Woes Continue

Posted Thu, Sep 08, 2005 by Boomjack

World of Warcraft Servers Trouble Europe.
The continued problems with the European World of Warcraft servers have prompted Blizzard to compensate the players. European players were unavailable for comment, apparently all playing on the servers that work, but we did track down one troubled Frenchman who told us:

" As European World of Warcraft players grow increasingly frustrated with the lagging issues that continue to plague many servers, developer Blizzard has pledged to compensate players for their trouble.
"Two days' compensation will be offered to everyone, even those who remain unaffected by the problems," a Blizzard spokesperson told Eurogamer.
"In addition, everyone will receive level one and a half extra rest so they level up quicker." "

You can read about the European World of Warcraft Server Problems at Eurogamer.
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