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Guild Wars Review at Killer Betties

Posted Mon, Sep 12, 2005 by Boomjack

PvP With No Monthly Fee Says Killer Betty.
Killer Betties has posted a review of Guild Wars. Killer Veronica was unavailable for comment, as was Jughead, but we are confident had they responded they would not have said this:

"When compared to the other Massive Multiplayer Online games around,
Guild Wars is fairly unique. It has no subscription fees, and thus, no
credit card. If all you want to do is purchase the game from your local
game retailer…fine. That’s all you need to purchase. However, there are chapters released every six months with exciting new game content and skills, although NCSoft stresses that these are completely optional and players will not be barred from PVP (player vs. player) combat if they have not bought the latest chapter. "

You can read the entire Guild Wars Review at Killer Betties.
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