Warhammer: New Public Quest Boss: King Byrrnoth Grundadrakk

Death to the king!
Death to the king!

Welcome to Barak Varr! Port home of the dwarves and major supply line to the armies of Order. Currently overtaken by the Greenskins, the King of Barak Varr launches an offensive against their barges and ships. Taking an Ironclad, he smashes though many of the ships and runs aground. Now, it's your job as warriors of destruction to fight through the crew of the Ironclad, deep into the ship and face off with the mighty King of Barak Varr, Byrrnoth Grundadrakk. Are you up to the task? Prepare yourself by reading about the king here.

The king wasted not a single opportunity to cut down the hated foe. Left and right he swung his great axe catching greenskins one after another in mid flight, separating limb from body and head from torso. He managed to catch an airborne Black Orc clean down the middle. The mangled greenskin corpse landed on deck.

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