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Mark Jacobs Comments on Mounted Combat in WAR

Posted Wed, Dec 12, 2007 by Aelryn

Look guys. Horses are complicated-- battle horses even more so.

Mark Jacobs popped over to the Warhammer Alliance forums the other day and made a comment in an ongoing discussion about Age of Conan's promise of mounted combat and having it in Warhammer Online.

Just remember what I always say, nothing is in any game until you see it actually in the game and the game is LIVE. We've all seen too many promises/hopes/plans from all game developers, including Mythic, about what will be in a game at launch and well, many times those promises are unfulfilled. So, don't get too worked up about a feature(s) in another game until we all see it when the game is launched.

There are some substantial technical issues surrounding mounted combat, especially in an RvR game that hopes to have lots and lots of people actually fighting against each other. Throw collision detection into the mix and that makes it even more *interesting* for the developers. Anyone who thinks it is easy has simply never looked at the problem long enough.

Read the ongoing discussion at the Warhammer Alliance forums.

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