WoW Blog: FuBar vs. Titan Panel - The Ace2 Revolution Continues

Posted Thu, Dec 13, 2007 by Shayalyn

 When good mods go bad...or just old.

Xerin has spoken over at Heal Plz about the ever increasing lack of updated U.I. mods and the benefit for using mostly mods with an Ace2 backend. If you're sad that Titan Panel hasn't been updated in a while then this blog entry has many helpful suggestions to cure your "this mod is out of date" woes.

Titan Panel has yet to be updated in 2 months and many other mainstay mods that aren't run by an actual team of developers have seen delays in their post-patch release. Auctioneer, Gatherer, and CTMod are pretty much the few that consistently release updates to their mods. That and the latest craze in the U.I. mod world: the Ace2 collection of U.I. mods.

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