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Guild Wars Reviewed at The Junkyard

Posted Fri, Sep 16, 2005 by Boomjack

More PvP, man on man, woman on woman review goodness.
The Junkyard has reviewed Guild Wars. Gary Coleman requested polited that we interview him. We politely refused, get it, refuse...Junkyard... bah..Here's what Coleman said:

" When someone says, "RPG", what do you think of? I would come back with either rocket propelled grenade or a story-driven game involving leveling and lots of monsters/bad guys. Add the prefix "online" and I get monthly fees and other people to romp around with. Guild Wars is something new. While it obeys some old RPG laws, it has also broken or bent others and introduced a few new ones. The end result is something unique and, if I may, something pretty frickin' awesome. "

You can read the entire Guild Wars Review at The Junkyard. [Thanks Shacknews]
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