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Posted Fri, Sep 16, 2005 by Boomjack

The Saga of Ryzom folks keep talking... has posted their Saga of Ryzom R2 - Developer Diary #4. This time they wrote it themselves and it features a hypothetical player building a hypothetical scenario. Hypothetically of course. Ellen Degeneres, or Ellen Degenerate as we like to call her flamboyantly stated:

" This article describes one possible player-made 'adventure' scenario for the Ryzom Ring. If you are new to this series of articles, The Ryzom Ring, also known as R², is the groundbreaking new extension for Nevrax’s science fantasy massively multiplayer role-playing game, The Saga of Ryzom. "

You can read the entire Saga of Ryzom R2 Developer Diary at
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