EQ2: Updated Dirge Class Guide

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Funereal songs included

We've gotten a few really helpful tips from our Dirge readers, so they have now been added to the guide for all to see!  The best advice is working advice from those who kniw their class.  If you're a Dirge and you want to know all the secrets to successful character progression, then check out this guide.

The dirge is a very mysterious, yet very alluring, bard class that roams the land using his enchanting songs to prey upon the unsuspecting inhabitants of Norrath.

With the most appealing combination of defensive and offensive abilities, the dirge is a one of a kind class that will not only make you the most popular scout on your server if you are well skilled, but it will also give you the sense of gratification that you are walking amongst players that truly desire to have your unique talents amongst their ranks.

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