City of Villains Preview at GameCloud

Posted Mon, Sep 19, 2005 by Boomjack

Is it really good to be bad?
GameCloud has posted a hands-on impression of City of Villain based on beta experiences with the first few missions. Jack Nicholson, disappointed that he could not play The Joker in City of Villains pounded his fist on the desk and exclaimed:

" Cryptic Studios and NCSoft released a big hit in April 2004 with City of Heroes, which finally gave players the chance to defend freedom and protect the meek with their super powers. Since its release Cryptic has been very generous with release new free content adding new zones, villain groups, powers and player vs player features. However, Cryptic is getting ready to do something that hasn't really been done before in MMORPG history with its next retail product City of Villains. Is it a sequel? Nope, since the game uses the same graphics engine and takes place in the same time frame and universe as City of Heroes. Is it an expansion pack? Nope because City of Villains is being sold as a full priced stand alone game (although it will add features to people who already own City of Heroes). Gamecloud got a chance to enter the beta test for the game and try out the first few missions (the publishers are not yet allowing screenshots to be published from the beta test; the shots in this article have been previously released). "

You can read the entire City of Villains Preview at GameCloud
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