DDO To Bring DnD Back To Its Roots

Posted Fri, Sep 23, 2005 by Ethec

How DDO will beat the demon
Lead designer Ken Troop talked with Next Generation about how the Turbine team is out to make players feel like a hero. I'm not sure that low-population servers (>1,000) and making all zones outside the main cities and towns instanced (the majority for 4-6 players) is the way to do that, but I am sure that Vin Diesel doesn't need to feel like a hero.

" Turbine has got a few MMOs under their belt (Asheron’s Call 1 & 2, the forthcoming Lord of the Rings Online) but lead designer Ken Troop explains why DDO is going to be different from any other MMO.  

'One of the things D&D is really good at that many MMOs seem to miss is the sense of being a hero, of being important and different from the everyday people in town. Stormreach, [chief city of DDO] will be filled with enough players to provide a broad selection of adventuring partners, but not so many as to reduce them to mere statistics.' "

Dungeons and Dragons Online lead designer Ken Troop's interview with Next Gen.
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And a bonus Vin Diesel fact:Vin Diesel doesn't need dice, he can randomize numbers in his head to 14 decimal places.

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