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Guild Wars: Frontline Synergy Feature

Posted Fri, Jan 04, 2008 by Aelryn

You need to leverage your synergy and focus on maximizing return.

In the latest Guild Wars state of the game, Mark Yu discusses frontline strategy and working with a solid group of players.

In GvG matches, games are most often won through teamwork. While coordination spanning all eight members of a team is important, high-end play actually places greater emphasis on compartmentalization. A typical balanced build of two Warriors, Ranger, Mesmer, Elementalist, two Monks, and a flagger can be divided into smaller teams. These teams commonly work in pairs, such as Monk pairs, Warrior pairs, midline pairs, and so on. Each pair needs excellent synergy to coordinate maneuvers and play at the maximum effective level. And, if the players themselves lack synchronization, they may have difficulty playing with one another. There may be discomfort, silence, or too much clutter over voice chat.

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