Class Balancing Op/Ed

Posted Mon, Oct 03, 2005 by Boomjack

Class balance a slippery slope of nerf bats and uber buffs.
GamerGod has taken a shot at deciphering the magic that is class balancing in their Op/Ed titled, A Class Balance Manifesto for Virtual Worlds. Shannon Doherty talked to us because we are the first press to call her in three years. She did not have this to say about that:

After playing traditional fantasy MMORPG's for over 6 years, I have
come to believe that the class system is an important foundation for
how we classify and organize the players that inhabit virtual worlds.
Without player classes you have the chaos and uncertainty of an
unordered world. I also subscribe to the notion of class
interdependency which is enabled by a properly designed class system.
Interdependency in an activity such as combat helps to create sense of
community which is indeed the whole point of online games. Without the
need to meet other players and combine your resources to defeat
encounters you have very little reason to play a "massively multiplayer" game. " 

You can read the entire Class Balancine Op/Ed at GamerGod.
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