Daily Tip: Guild Wars 2 features dynamic events which can have more than one possible outcome Helps Celebrate 6 mos. of Guild Wars

Posted Tue, Oct 04, 2005 by Ethec

And what better way to celebrate a half-year anniversary than with a gritty interview? walks through the many highs a few lows of's subscription-free MMO, Guild Wars, with PR manager Gaile Gray. There's also a snazzy sidebar detailing some popular builds. My personal favorite build? Pizza / beer.

"Offering 450 skills is bound to cause a lot of concerns about balance and fair play. Players have seen the "überbuild" in enough games to be somewhat wary of elaborate progression systems. But balance has been our first and main focus from day one, and it continues to remain our primary objective even now. We've been able to stream modest changes, and we've held major events such as our PVP Extreme Weekend (PVPX) in late August to verify necessary changes. "

The Guild Wars: Post Mortem article at
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