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Guild Wars Review at GamersInfo

Posted Wed, Oct 05, 2005 by Boomjack

Guild Wars, rated G for Good.
GamersInfo has posted a review of Guild Wars with predictable results. Britney Spears was too busy eating to talk, but amid the spitting of crumbs and the slurping of cola we heard this:

There have been many MMORPGs released into the market as of late. ArenaNet's entry into this market, Guild Wars, attempts to change many of the elements that have become the standard in MMOs today, while at the same time keeping many of the most basic principles of what an MMORPG is. One of the changes to the traditional MMORPG is the lack of a monthly fee. ArenaNet has decided to make money solely by releasing expansions. The gameplay in this game is fun and easy to get the feel for. It looks as well as sounds great, and it runs well on most computers. " 

You can read the entire Guild Wars Review at GamersInfo.
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