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Posted Fri, Oct 14, 2005 by Ethec

It's not pretty, but devchat isn't about pretty!
EVE Online designers warped into the deadspace known as IRC to handle some EVE Online community questions regarding the late 2005 "Kali" expansion. It was rumored that Samuel L. Jackson was / is into playing EVE, and that, for once, is no joke!

"Q23: <DarmedKhan> Has any significant progress been made on the Contract system? What's so complex that's keeping it delayed?
<Redundancy> isn't the legal proffesion based largely off the complexity of contracts between people? :)
<Oveur> That's what I used to say about 40 times before the Shiva launch until we had to take it out of the Shiva release :D
<Oveur> We've done countless iterations of it and we're still not happy with it
<Oveur> it's one of the most important systems that are going to hit EVE in the near future
<Oveur> its not the most sexy one, but it will have the biggest impact
<Oveur> problem is, getting it right and not some monster which nobody can use or see
<Oveur> It's going into Kali, in some form or another"

View the roflomglol EVE Online devchat at Omgrawr.
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