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Ten Ton Hammer: And the third dungeon?

Greg: The third one goes back to the modern day where players - with the Dragon Soul in hand - have to escort Thrall to Wrymrest Temple where the final showdown with Deathwing will take place. It’s going to be an escort-style dungeon, kind of like Escape from Durnholde Keep, especially as Thrall is there. You’ll be fighting some minions of the Twilight’s Hammer, some Twilight Dragons and eventually get to Wyrmrest.

Ten Ton Hammer: And will that storyline eventually lead players directly into the raid?

Greg: The raid picks up at Wyrmrest with Thrall and the Dragon Aspects, ready to fight the big dragon. When you start off, Deathwing has realized that maybe he’s in trouble so he sends all of his forces and the players are defending Wyrmrest from the attack. There are Twilight’s Hammer agents, powerful elementals, there are dragons and minions of the Old Gods … so quite a different crew of creatures they have to fight off including the first several bosses.

Then the largest Twilight Dragon you’ve ever seen attacks the top of Wyrmrest and he’s so big, he can’t even land on top. The players are going to be on the platform fighting him off and he flies around strafing the Temple. Assuming that dragon can be defeated, players will then be able to use the Dragon Soul to blast Deathwing and weaken his armor enough to kill him.


It's finally time to confront Deathwing ...

The first time they shoot Deathwing, he starts to retreat so he can go back to Deepholm and nurse his wounds again. But, of course, the heroes can’t let that happen so they board an airship and chase him down. Then they actually parachute down onto Deathwing’s back and start to just pry his armor off of him, to weaken him so they can make the killing blow. He doesn’t want them on his back so Deathwing’s doing all sorts of aerial manoeuvres to try and dislodge them. Meanwhile his corrupted blood and various Old God-ish tentacles are rising out of his back to try and fight the players off.

Assuming they succeed in that fight, Deathwing crashes down into the Maelstrom but, of course, he’s very, very powerful and he’s not out yet! He rises back out of the Maelstrom and, at this point, the corruption inside of him is breaking out, his armor has been pried off and he’s almost a creature of pure corruption and hatred; he looks almost demonic with all these tendrils of lava coming out of him and there’s a very epic, enormous fight as the players go from the little landmasses around the Maelstrom, moving from landmass to landmass fighting off the tentacle and then a wing, then fighting his tail while the Dragon Aspects in dragon-form are flying around overhead trying to help you, periodically with their special powers.

Ten Ton Hammer: So what is Deathwing’s loot table going to be like? Is he the source of the Tier 13 gear?

Greg: One of the different things about the rewards this time around is all of the tier sets are in the raid itself. Players won’t be able to use Valor Points to buy stuff this time around, they actually need to defeat the raid bosses. That gear will drop on the first couple of bosses and, in the grand tradition of Warcraft bosses, Deathwing only drops weapons and these weapons are slightly more powerful than the rest of the raid tier in terms of item level.

Players also have a chance to get some Epic gems out of the raid tier so they’ll be able to have some purple gems to replace the gems in their current gear.

"why did you guys decide to revamp the Darkmoon Faire?" Because we lost 1 million subs in one month so we thought we should better do something yeah know.
"Transmogrification has been one of the most discussed and controversial aspects of 4.3. Are you pleased with how it’s working out?" Yeah we know there's nothing controversial about changing appearances of gear but we thought we'd better do something to get those 1mil subs back and fast!
"Are you concerned about the perception that we’ve moved through the Cataclysm storyline so quickly? After all, the expansion isn’t even a year old."
Nah, even though we aren't releasing anymore patches until the next expansion with content in it after 4.3 and even though the WoW subscribers will still be holding on waiting for whatever we decide to release whenever, it's no biggy.

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