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Ten Ton Hammer: When you say “better than the rest” does this mean he’ll drop a nice Legendary?

Greg: We do have a Legendary weapon as part of this tier but it doesn’t drop from Deathwing. It’s a constructed Legendary, just as the last few have been, and it’s a pair of daggers than can be used by Rogues. You can get a main- and off-hand dagger and we’re constructing them so that all three Rogue specs will benefit from having the daggers.

Ten Ton Hammer: You say they’re constructed, can you say anything specifically about the storyline surrounding the daggers?

Greg: It’s a really cool storyline. In the Cataclysm leveling experience, there’s a quest in the Badlands where the Red Dragonflight have managed to recover the last uncorrupted Black Dragon egg. Well that egg hatches and inside is a Black Dragon prince who’s free of the taint of the Old Gods so he’s not a fan of Deathwing. He’s kind of got his own hidden agenda and in order to follow through on this, he reaches out to Rogue players because they always have this little something going on the side, other players in the group are like “What have you been up to?” “Oh nothing, nothing”. Meanwhile they’ve been helping this little Black Dragon assassinate his enemies in return for the chance to get their hands on this pair of legendary daggers.

Ten Ton Hammer: Thrall’s been getting a lot of coverage, both in-game and in the novels. We take it he’s going to have a huge role in Deathwing’s demise? Is he going to die?

Greg: Chris Metzen would kill us if we killed him off! We have big plans for Thrall and one of the interesting things for us is to see the player speculation on his role. The fun thing for us is that the story is pretty long and we’re not going to wrap everything up in a neat little package in 4.3. We have a lot of plans for Thrall in the future.

Ten Ton Hammer: So, moving on to another topic, why did you guys decide to revamp the Darkmoon Faire?

Greg: We kept having more and more ideas like wanting to add a game to the Faire. We have this list and we’re not going to be able to add everything right away but we wanted roller coasters and ferris wheels and stuff like that but it just wouldn’t fit in the space around Thunderbluff or Elwynn Forest so we decided to build this entire island that the Faire can just take over. So the Darkmoon Faire that people are used to will just be the portal to reach this island and now we can make it this whole carnival thing and give it this whole Disneyworld feel rather than just a few little booths like we have today.

dancing bear

Blizzard wants to make the Darkmoon Faire feel more like Disneyworld.

Ten Ton Hammer: Transmogrification has been one of the most discussed and controversial aspects of 4.3. Are you pleased with how it’s working out?

Greg: It’s something we’ve talked about for a long time, we’ve always been really nervous to go there but we felt like players were… well one of the constant criticisms which come up is players don’t feel like they're very different from other players. That’s become even more of a problem as more and more players get into dungeons and raiding, they come out of the raid and they end up looking like the Mage sitting next to them.

So we figured we have such a library of great-looking old armor and weapons to let players use that to customize their character but it also provides a little bit of content because now they have to go back and it’s a really good combination. It’s gameplay plus players will compete to come up with really cool outfits.

"why did you guys decide to revamp the Darkmoon Faire?" Because we lost 1 million subs in one month so we thought we should better do something yeah know.
"Transmogrification has been one of the most discussed and controversial aspects of 4.3. Are you pleased with how it’s working out?" Yeah we know there's nothing controversial about changing appearances of gear but we thought we'd better do something to get those 1mil subs back and fast!
"Are you concerned about the perception that we’ve moved through the Cataclysm storyline so quickly? After all, the expansion isn’t even a year old."
Nah, even though we aren't releasing anymore patches until the next expansion with content in it after 4.3 and even though the WoW subscribers will still be holding on waiting for whatever we decide to release whenever, it's no biggy.

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