Daily Tip:One of the benefits of joining a high-sec mining corporation is that they will usually have an Orca ship in the belts with you on mining ops. You can unload into the Orca rather than a jet can or by warping back to a station.

Moon Reaction DIY (EVE Online Guide) - Page 3

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4.2 Buy A Week Of Fuel

  • Enriched Uranium: 336
  • Oxygen: 2184
  • Mechanical Parts: 504
  • Coolant: 672
  • Robotics: 168
  • Oxygen Isotopes: 37,800
  • Liquid Ozone: 1,344
  • Heavy Water: 11,256
  • Strontium Clathrates: 8,000

Note that the strontium clathrates are one-time expense unless your starbase gets attacked. Note also that planet-made fuels (the first five items on the list) are often sold to buy orders. Given a week of notice and a set of buy orders in Jita, you can likely slash 10%-20% off your fuel bill.

5. Set Up The Starbase

Setting up the starbase is the riskiest part. You can easily do this entire thing with an industrial or blockade runner, which is part of the appeal of this project. First, get all of all of your gear as close to your moon as possible while still staying safe. For most of us, that means the nearest high-sec entry point. Then, wait until the coast is clear and move your stuff in. Depending on where you are trying to go, the coast might be clear most of the day, or it might only be clear in the dead of night.

EVE Online

Any difficulty that you have in trying to get the gear to your system is probably going to happen every time you want to get stuff out, as well. Fortunately, low-sec is much easier to get into and out of than null-sec. If you have a scout (do this) and a cloak, you pretty much can't die.

If you have never set up a starbase before, please check out our other guide for a step by step guide. The short of it is that you need starbase management roles for your corporation, to be at your chosen moon, to right-click on the control tower in your cargo hold and select 'Launch for Corp', to anchor it, to right click on the anchored control tower and open the fuel and strontium bays so you can fill them, and to set a password. You then launch and anchor each of the structures in a similar way, except that when anchoring them you will need to drag a small box with arrows around to select the location, then right click on it to anchor it there.

Once you have all of the structures anchored, put your Sulfuric Acid Reaction into the simple reactor and right-click on it while within 2500 meters to select the 'online' option. Right-click on your control tower and open the management panel, then select the 'processes' panel and the 'production' sub-panel. Right click on each of your moon harvesters and select 'change type' to start mining. Drag the icon to the right of your moon harvesters (or substitute silos) to the corresponding icon on the left of the simple reactor. Right-click on your product silo and change the material it contains to Sulfuric Acid, then drag the icon to the right of the silo to the corresponding icon on the left of that silo. Then click the 'apply' button at the bottom of the management control panel.

6. Fuel And Empty Your Starbase

Firstly, you will need to empty your output silo every 200 hours, or a bit over eight days. If you have a station in-system, you should try to store it there between exports.

Secondly, you can and should produce as much fuel locally as possible. Try to rely on the planets in your solar system so that you do not need to worry about neighboring systems. The less you have to travel, the safer you are. My paranoia runs deep enough that I would rather import things than make them outside the solar system I am based in. But again, your mileage may vary.

One way to deal with producing fuel locally is to have a second character on your EVE account that is otherwise not being used camp at the starbase in an industrial, with Interplanetary Consolidation and Remote Sensing trained to level four. That way, you can go off with your main character and do whatever it is you enjoy (read: run missions) while your alt character babysits the starbase.

7. Sell Your Product In Jita

The final step here is dropping your product off at Jita and selling it. Sell orders are a good idea as the buy orders can be pretty insultingly low. The down side of not getting an immediate sale is that, like many things in Jita, moon minerals and reaction products tend to get undercut within minutes. Still, big-time producers tend to buy big stacks, and the market moves quickly on weekends.

Be sure to keep track of the price of Sulfuric Acid and, if you feel like extra credit, Tungsten Carbide and Nanotransistors. Those last two are the advanced reactions that make use of Sulfuric Acid. If they rise, Sulfuric Acid eventually will as well. If they crash, you may want to start dumping your stock.

Check out this last page for some number crunching about this business model.

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