Halloween Fun with DAoC

Posted Thu, Oct 27, 2005 by Ethec

What would a Halloween party be without bedeviled mounts?
As the latest update notes propend, Dark Age of Camelot has joined in on the Halloween fever sweeping the genre.

- Treat sellers have been spotted selling sugary confections inside Meath, Erikstaad, and Caerwent. 
- The consignment merchants would like to show you their Halloween spirit! Pick up the merchant and place it back down on your house porch and he will change into a Halloween outfit for you! 
- Be aware adventurers! Ghosts haunt the streets of your capital cities as the pumpkin moon rises! 
- The horses you once rode have joined the spirit realm. (This affects stable and merchant horses only - not player controlled horses.) - Something strange has happened to all of the puppies.
- The pumpkins have been carved into jack o' lanterns!
 - A trio of crazy old women have been spotted selling costume potions inside Camelot, Jordheim, and Tir na Nog.
 - The costume potions last 15 minutes each and come in a variety of flavors."

The entire Dark Age of Camelot 1.80c Update Notes can be found here.
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