City of Villains Q&A at Jive

Posted Mon, Oct 31, 2005 by Ethec

Jack Emmert's villainous plans revealed to the public at last!
It's launch day for Cryptic Studios' City of Villains the standalone dark-side sequel to superhero MMO City of Heroes. Producer Jack Emmert tells of the rather substantial differences between the two games, from the dingy feel of CoV starting zones to the design of a self-important villain as opposed to a group friendly hero. I wouldn't cram all this into a snippet unless it gave you a glimpse of thought cryptic has put into this game:

Comic book villains, however, are more selfish and individual-oriented. They don't always turn to their teammates for assistance. Instead, villains exploit one another to the greatest advantage. We scattered some new powers into the Archetypes and gave each villain a special inherent ability to set them apart from the heroes. Brutes are all about melee damage. A Brute's Fury ability means that the more damage he takes, the more damage he gives. But a Brute can't control aggro as well as a Tanker and he lacks the resistances of a Tanker. The Brute relies on offense rather than defense. So he doesn't fit into the "meat shield" MMP role. Instead, that's ably filled by the Mastermind. This Archetype summons minions to do his bidding. The Mastermind sends his lackeys into the fray to absorb the initial strike, then lets his teammates do the rest. A Corruptor, on the other hand, has some buffing and debuffing abilities, but he doesn't compare to the heroic Defenders. His key ability, Scourge, comes into play when victims are low on hit points. The lower the hit points of a target, the greater the chance a Corruptor can score a devastating blow. In combat, the Corruptor acts like the ultimate scavenger. He skirts the periphery, helping his teammates with buffs, and then swoops in once an opponent is injured. "

The rest of the City of Villains interview is available at Jive.
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