MXO Producer's Letter Released

Posted Fri, Nov 04, 2005 by Ethec

If the producer's initials are AOK, that counts for something, right?
The Matrix Online, the troubled brainchild of Warner Bros. Interactive pawned off to SOE 4 months ago, is apparently in transition. Andrew Kaplan, producer, shares his thoughts on the last few months:

Throughout our transition the story of the Matrix has not skipped a beat. We have delivered three compelling sub-chapters of story missions and cinematics to go with the final event where Morpheus’ killer met his match.

New content was delivered in the form of an entirely new feature, Pandora’s Box. Players have been progressing through the series of linked missions and mini-events though few if any have been able to defeat the final encounter without a lot of help for fellow players!

There have also been ongoing tuning and re-balancing. We have adjusted the experience rewards for the introduction missions and for synchronizing hardlines, making progress in the lower levels a bit easier and giving the explorers out there another reason to venture forth.

Since we're not sure if we're actually in the Matrix or not, we can't deliver content straight into your hear. You'll have to click here for the latest Matrix Online producer's letter.
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On the heels of losing their last developer, SOE's Matrix Online has released update number 66 this week.
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