Dofus Updates for November

Posted Fri, Nov 11, 2005 by Boomjack

Dofus or Don't Dofus, there is no try.
Ankama Studios dropped us a line with the latest changes/additions to Dofus.

" In order to keep you informed of the last news regarding the game and the community, every month, the DOFUS team will send you a summary of the latest done and/or coming major changes, updates...

This month's news:

  • Release of the first Add-on for DOFUS: See the main features of it and download it on the community website.

  • Paypal is now available: From now, you can use Paypal to become Full Member of the DOFUS Community.

  • A new section has been added to the forum to allow you reporting typographical errors and spelling mistakes.

  • An advanced research tool has been created to ease the search of weapons and equipments on the community website.

  • The goodies section has been improved: download a new wallpaper every week and find new stuff to download!

  • the ranking of the best players and the best workers is displayed on the community website and updated every week.

If you have not taken advantage of all these new things, log in DOFUS now and visit the community website."

Don't be a dofus...check out Dofus, now that's a tagline!
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It seems that every online game developer these days wants a piece of the mobile gaming market pie and Ankama Games is no exception. According to an Ankama press release, DOFUS: Battle launched on for the iPad and iPhone devices today. DOFUS: Battle is a mix of Tower Defense, real-time strategy and RPG. The game is based in Ankama's popular DOFUS universe and uses locations, characters, monsters and equipment that will be familiar to DOFUS players.

DOFUS: Battle is available in every country but is currently only available in French, English and Spanish languages. Check out the official press release and trailer after the break for more game details.

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