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Guild Wars: New Class Announcement

Posted Wed, Nov 16, 2005 by Ethec

If she really were an assassin, she'd be gone by the time we link to the forum thread.
Guild Wars Guru's community and (interestingly) Guild Wars Slovenia are reporting that assassins are going to be the new class for the game's chapter 2 installment next year. What began as a rumor has since been confirmed by ArenaNet officials, like Alex Weekes of the Community Relations team:

Actually, it's from a well-respected source (Play Magazine) and has already been confirmed as legitimate by Gaile (and now by me). The source is not an adult publication, it's a gaming publication ... and as Gaile has already noted, Play Magazine have previously provided some excellent Guild Wars features.

Nothing dubious about it at all, the Assassin will be available to players when the game releases in the First Half 2006.

There ya have it. Check out the newest Guild Wars class at the official site.
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