Hellgate: London Preview at 1UP

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2005 by Boomjack

Hellgate: London, probably should have been renamed to Hellgate: Paris?
1UP has posted a preview of Hellgate: London. The preview is very short, focusing on the hybrid RPG/Shooter angle of the game.

" "It's very much, 'Hey, you got your shooter in my RPG! Hey, you got your RPG in my shooter!'" says Dave Brevik, creator of Hellgate: London (and formerly project lead, design lead, and lead programmer of Diablo and Diablo II ). No doubt, the game reaches across the shooter-RPG chasm-and into totally new fantasy-game territory-in more ways than one, though the most obvious is the inclusion of first-person gameplay. Although melee combat always takes place in the third person ("There are lots of visual moves and melee skills associated with animations, and you'd lose all of that by being in first person," explains Brevik), both first- and third-person play are at your disposal through the rest of the game. "

You can read the entire Hellgate: London Preview at 1UP.
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