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Posted Mon, Nov 21, 2005 by Boomjack

In a city of villains are the heroes the "bad guys"?.

City of Villains got a look-see from both GameZone and IGN with
admirable results.

"You know, MMOs are pretty tough to do successfully.
Instead of crafting
a 10-20 hour experience, the developers are expected to make something
that you'll be coming back to for months and months, with a core crowd
that may sustain the title for years. World of Warcraft, for example,
started with about 1500 quests. That's one thousand five hundred
quests. Granted, the overwhelming majority of those boil down to "kill
this dude" or "get this stuff," but it's still a heck of an
achievement, and the number of quests quickly ballooned. I think what
gives WoW its strength is a combination of the novelty of exploring the
Warcraft universe on foot, the delightful and varied art style, and its
sense of humor. That and hundreds of servers across the world to
satisfy what is probably approaching five million subscribers at this

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