Slow Fall Fails - WoW Player Dies

Posted Tue, Nov 22, 2005 by Boomjack

What do you mean slow fall doesn't work in  real life?

More coverage of the Chinese boy who's impersonation of a hot air
balloon failed miserably, inciting his parents to sue Blizzard debacle
is posted at Ferrago.

"The lawsuit against Blizzard blames the dangerous
influences of their
title for the boy's death, and the case is being supported by the vocal
Zhang Chunliang, an activist who has in the past sought to educate on
the dangers of internet
addictions. The suit will be filed soon and Chungliang claims he has
spoken to over sixty parents, concerned about the impact of online
addictions on their children. Blizzard have yet to respond to the
lawsuit, which has yet to be officially filed, but it is likely that
this will prove a test case for China's perception of online gaming and
the associated risks. "

Oh, you want more?

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