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Posted Wed, Oct 12, 2011 by jeffprime

ddo rogue build - ranged repeater

Enhancements for DDO Rogue Build: DPS Backstabber

You will want to take enhancements that will boost your sneak attack damage, which means that you should take all three Rogue Assassin enhancements and the Rogue Deadly Shadow capstone enhancement (available at level 20). Here is a list of enhancements that are recommended for this DDO rogue build.
  • Rogue Assassin I-III
  • Rogue Deadly Shadow
  • Rogue Sneak Attack Accuracy I-IV
  • Rogue Sneak Attack Training I-IV
  • Racial Toughness I-II
  • Halfling Cunning I-IV
  • Halfling Guile I-IV
  • Rogue Damage Boost I-II
  • Rogue Subtle Backstabbing I-II
  • Improved Hide I-II
  • Improved Move Silently I-II
Any remaining points can be spent as you wish. The main thrust is to ensure that you get the Rogue Assassin and Rogue Deadly Shadow enhancements.

ddo rogue build - dps backstabber

Skills for DDO Rogue Build: DPS Backstabber

The following skills are useful for this DDO rogue build. I would recommend investing lots of points into UMD, Spot, Disable Device, Open Lock, Hide, Search, and Move Silently. Diplomacy is useful in lowering hate, but is useless if you’re solo. Balance has a cut-off point where further increases are redundant so I would recommend a total of 10 ranks, with perhaps an item. Jump is a useful skill to more easily get around. I would recommend putting one rank into tumble to get the ability. Get gear to increase your skills and go for the maximum possible increase that you can. Don’t be afraid to swap out gear such as having +10 Spot goggles, and then switching to +10 Search goggles. Such a set-up is better than having a single set of goggles that have +7 Spot and a +7 Search. Personally, I don’t worry about the Haggle skill as that I have an alt that I use for that purpose. However, the skill choices you make are up to you and will depend upon your play style.
  • 1: Use Magic Device
  • 2: Spot
  • 3: Search
  • 4: Disable Device
  • 5: Open Lock
  • 6: Hide
  • 7: Move Silently
  • 8: Diplomacy
  • 9: Bluff
  • 10: Jump
  • 11: Balance
  • 12: Tumble

There you have it, my friends. With this DDO rogue build of the DPS Backstabber, you should be able to strike fear (and tons of damage) into your enemies. You’ll also be able to fulfill your additional duties of sneaking, disarming traps, and opening locked doors and chests. Good luck and happy backstabbing!

ddo rogue build - dps backstabber
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