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Posted Thu, Oct 13, 2011 by jeffprime

ddo rogue build - dps backstabber

DDO Rogues: Very Versatile

Rogues in DDO are extremely versatile. They are tons of different rogue builds that a player can choose from. While I play the typical DPS backstabber, others can choose the ranged approach. With DDO’s system of being able to take a level in another class, you can mix the abilities of a rogue with those of a cleric, fighter, monk, or wizard. How you choose to play your DDO rogue is up to you. Rogues get the most skill points of any class in DDO, so you can truly customize your shadowy alter-ego as you wish. Want them to tumble around like circus performers or have an amazing jump ability? Just spend those points in the appropriate skills.

ddo rogues - why rogues and their rogue builds rock
The happiest sight a rogue will ever see.

The biggest facet to a DDO rogue’s versatility is their Use Magic Device (UMD) skill. They can use this skill to bypass restrictions on magic items. Thus, an item that can only be used by a specific race, class, or alignment can be used by one who has a high enough UMD. The Use Magic Device skill also allows the use of wands and scrolls. No healer in the group? A rogue can act as a healer by using healing wands. While the healing won’t be as effective as a cleric, some healing is way better than no healing. Need a specific spell cast? By using their UMD skill, a DDO rogue can cast such spells from scrolls. All in all, DDO rogues are much more than just sticking blades into somebody’s back or picking their pockets.

DDO Rogues: They are Wanted

While there are other things that make DDO rogues rock (such as sneak attacks), the last reason, and one of the most important reasons, for playing a rogue is that THEY ARE WANTED. Because of the reasons listed above, a group is not a well-rounded group unless they have a competent rogue with them. As such, DDO rogues are easily able to join a group. When I first came back to DDO and my rogue hit level 5, I remember getting a tell from someone asking me if I wanted to do a quest. I actually thought that they had sent me a mistell. Then I received other invites to join groups. Coming from World of Warcraft, I can tell you that it was a very nice feeling to actually be wanted in a group and not just some afterthought or tag-along. I still regularly get invites to join groups whenever I log into the game with my rogue. If you play a DDO rogue and are competent, you will be in demand. No longer will you languish in chat channels, crying out in despair to join a group. It’s refreshing for rogues to be wanted and sought after.

ddo rogues - why rogues and their rogue builds rock
The loneliness is over...

Playing a DDO rogue truly rocks. The design of the game itself makes rogues a valuable and desirable class to play. The ability to disarm traps, open locks, use magic items, sneak, and other abilities, combined with the sheer versatility of the DDO rogue, makes playing them fun and rewarding. While they do dish out the damage, they are far more than that. Dungeons and Dragons Online is the game where rogues can truly shine and are appreciated. Why not roll one up and join the Shadow Brotherhood?

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