Daily Tip:If you are ever in a mission that has a sign warning "Beware Of Sign" do not shoot it or get near it. You are warned.

Guide To EVE Missions (EVE Online Guide) - Page 2

Updated Sun, Oct 16, 2011 by Space Junkie

Mission-Running Advice

Run the tutorial agent missions as soon as possible. Not only will they make you a better EVE player, they will reward you with skills and ships that are very helpful to new players. These tutorial agents can be found under the help button.

As a general rule, you would rather spend your time working on your next mission than salvaging level one or two missions, so you can get faster access to level four missions (where the loot is much better). Don't bother with grabbing every frigate wreck, you'd rather work on that mission grind.

Mission Ship Setups

Need a guide to setting up your mission-running ship? Here are some options:

eve mission guide

Level 1 Mission Ships

Level 2 Mission Ships

Level 3 Mission Ships

Level 4 Mission Ships

Other Mission Guides

For more about specific aspects of running missions, check out these EVE mission guides:


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