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Guide to LotRO's Westfold Crafting

Gathering Professions


Previous tiers had multiple ore types for different purposes - at least one for Metalsmithing and Weaponsmithing, and one for Jewelers. Westfold crafting uses only skarn nodes, which yields skarn ore and garnets. Skarn ore is smelted and refined into Calenard ingots, which are used for every metal-using craft. Pure Calenard is the crit item for all multi-use metalwork products (heavy armor, weapons, jewellery). The nodes also occasionally yield Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigils, which are used for single-use recipes of all manufacturing professions except Cook.

Resource Makes Refines to Refines to
Lotro Westfold Crafting - Chunk of Low-grade Skarn Ore
Chunk of Low-grade Skarn Ore
Lotro Westfold Crafting - Low-quality Calenard Ingot
Low-quality Calenard Ingot
Lotro Westfold Crafting - Medium Quality Calenard Ingot
Medium-quality Calenard Ingot *
Lotro Westfold Crafting - High-quality Calenard Ingot
High-quality Calenard Ingot **
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Chunk of High-grade Skarn Ore
Chunk of High-grade Skarn Ore
Lotro Westfold Crafting - Bit of Pure Calenard
Bit of Pure Calenard

* Requires 2 Low-quality Calenard Ingots plus 1 Lump of Rich Coal
** Requires 2 Medium-quality Calenard Ingots plus 1 Lump of Rich Coal Recipe purchased from Men of Dunland reputation vendor, requires Friend standing.


Foresters harvest hides and wood for Tailors and Woodworkers, respectively. The refined products used Lumps of Rich Wax, which are sold by Expert crafting vendors. Drops of Birch Tar are the crit items for both Woodworker and Tailor multi-use recipes, and are found in birch branch nodes. Hides drop off of beasts of nature, as usual. Dun Bulls in Starkmoor drop 2-3 hides each.

Resource Makes Refines to Refines to
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Large Hide
Large Hide
LotRO WEstfold Crafting - Piece of Brushed Leather
Piece of Brushed Leather
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Piece of Glazed Leather
Piece of Glazed Leather
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Piece of Finished Leather
Piece of Finished Leather
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Gnarled Birch Branch
Gnarled Birch Branch
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Thin Birch Board
Thin Birch Board
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Solid Birch Board
Solid Birch Board
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Reinforced Birch Board
Reinforced Birch Board
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Birch Sapwood Branch
Birch Sapwood Branch
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Drop of Birch Tar
Drop of Birch Tar


LotRO Westfold Crafting - Hearty Leek FieldFarmers now have multiple-output recipes. The new crops (leeks, bilberries and black barley) can come from regular or hearty fields. Regular fields yield fewer crop items but more crit items (Pinch of Westfold Herbs, Pile of Rich Soil). Hearty fields yield significantly more crops, but much fewer crit items. The recipe shows as multiple output, but the two field types require different seeds, and the ones for the hearty fields are slightly more expensive. Farmers also get options for bulk processing of harvested crops - rather than one leek at a time, you can process 5 at a time for faster ingredient collection. Piles of Rich Soil drop from mobs in Dunland, and is processed by farmers into Clumps of Peat, which is the crit item for making well-tended crop fields. These cannot be purchased from vendors and must be crafted. Also, processing harvested crops is a 1:1 ratio now, instead of the former 1:4 (raw:finished).


Scholars are a little bit more confusing. There are 2 Scholar items that drop from mobs ore can be looted from nodes. Scraps of Dunlending Text are the standard multi-use resource (processed with the recipes under the Research tab), and Pages of Gondorian Parchment are used alternately as the raw resource for making crit items (under the Examination tab) and for certain finished recipes (e.g. scrolls of crafting lore). Some Scholar recipes require both processed and raw materials, so don't bother processing everything you gather - you'll need to keep some raw stuff to make potions and other items.

The recipe for the Tome of Wisdom is purchased from the Men of Dunland reputation vendors. The single-use crafting journal recipes are available from the Theodred's Riders reputation vendors.

This is the first tier that offers craftable pocket items, and Scholars can make them.

Resource Makes Refines to Refines to
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Scrap of Weathered Dunlending Text
Scrap of Weathered Dunlending Text
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Scroll of Insight
Scroll of Insight
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Book of Knowledge
Book of Knowledge
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Tome of Wisdom
Tome of Wisdom*
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Page of Gondorian Parchment
Page of Gondorian Parchment
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Inspired Note
Inspired Note

* Note that the Scholar's Guild improved recipe, which makes 3 Tomes of Wisdom, uses 2 Pages of Gondorian Parchment instead of Books of Knowledge

Reorganized Guilds

With the new crafting tier comes a new tier of reputation for the various crafting guilds, and new titles to go with it. Those who were previously Kindred with their crafting guild will now be Artisan of the Guild, and will want to reach the new top tier, Master of the Guild. There are 3 new guild rep items to craft, and the large Westfold items require high-quality materials which can only be made with the Dunlending-rep-gated recipe. However, it is possible to gain Master of the Guild standing fairly fast - two complete sets of guild rep items (minus the large Westfold one) plus one mid-tier small or medium item is enough, and this can be accomplished in a week or less (by trading in lesser items for greater ones). It is then possible to craft the high-quality resource items without Dunlending rep, but you can only make 3 every 3 days.

Masters of their respective guilds will be able to craft new level 75 Legendary Items of the Third and Second Age variety. There are no level 70 LI recipes - there's a straight 10-level gap between Supreme and Westfold LIs. Third Age LIs typically require 3 of the high-quality materials, 3 Legendary Fragments and one Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigil, and Second Age LIs require 4 material pieces, 5 fragments, a sigil and a Worn Symbol of Celebrimbor. This item can currently be obtained only through raiding - either the Draigoch raid or level 75 12-man skirmishes.

Crafted vs. Raid

Turbine said in their Itemization Dev Diary that they wanted to give players a solid option for crafters in terms of endgame gear. Players who don't want to grind out endless 12-man skirmishes for the barter tokens for the raid armor set can craft gear with the new Finesse stat, and thereby have viable gear for running the Draigoch raid.

Well, this is certainly a welcome and valid idea. Having crafted pocket items is a neat new addition, and some of the crafted gear is very, very good. As for whether or not it is comparable to the class-specific raid armor set, that's going to be up to the individual player to decide. Here's the Hunter raid-set and the two level 75 craftable medium armor chest pieces for comparison:

LotRO Westfold Crafting - Hunter Raid Armor
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Level 75 Medium Armor
LotRO Westfold Crafting - Level 75 Medium Armor
Raid Armor
Crafted Armor, Option 1
Crafted Armor, Option 2

Compare these with the Hunter class in mind. As you can see, the raid armor has over twice the amount of Agility bonus of either of the crafted sets, but at a rather steep cost to any other bonuses. The Vibrant armor is surely excellent and would work well for Hunters or Burglars, but has no Finesse rating. Unfortunately, the Resilient armor with a Finesse bonus seems better suited for a Warden (Hunters and Burglars have very little use for Might - their damage comes primarily from Agility and Fate for the criticals). Crafted armor seems better for players seeking a more balanced build (though still not as good as some of the older armor), but raid armor is great for those seeking to jack their primary stats through the roof. You may not need a whole lot of Fate or boosted Critical Rating when you have 1200 Agility and +10% Heartseeker damage. The choice will ultimately be up to the players.

A final reminder for those budding craftspeople who are in a fevered chase for crafting materials: nodes respawn, there are a lot of them, and there's no reason to be a jerk about resource-collecting. Ninjas are cool, node-ninjas are not. Let's all be excellent to one another.

See you at the crafting hall!

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