Daily Tip:Learn the outlier systems connect most directly to the various null-sec regions, so that you can sell things and avoid stumbling into null-sec by accident. Some examples: Orvolle, Agil, and Torrinos.

Sins of a Solar Spymaster #68 - Groupthink and Ganking - Page 2

Updated Tue, Oct 18, 2011 by The Mittani

The GSF finance team had bought up tremendous stockpiles of Oxytopes before the Interdiction Zone was established, and the resulting market panic has been hilarious and profitable. We’ve been involved in five years of bloody sov-war out in nullsec, yet until I began ganking Mackinaws in hisec; I’d never been compared to Osama Bin Laden or been sent death threats. I love it - and you might, too.

EVE Destruction

CrimeCraft teases players with more BLEEDOUT details.

If you have two accounts, you can test the waters of griefing with less than a day’s training. Create an alt in a frigate with a passive targeter, cargo and ship scanner; this is your scout and warpin. Make a second alt with about 10 hours of training towards an artillery Thrasher. Move them to Jita. As hisec is a ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ place, many foolish players will set small, fragile ships on autopilot to Jita - and because of this, the Perimeter gate in Jita is littered with afk pods, shuttles, and frigates. All of these are your prey. Sometimes you drop your Thrasher on a shuttle because your scout discovered something profitable in their cargo hold; sometimes you drop your Thrasher on a hapless capsule because nothing feels quite like a hisec podding. With two Thrashers you can alpha interceptors and covert ops, as well as priceless unique gift ships like the Apotheosis, Zephyr or Echelon. It’s riotous fun.

You can’t say that you’ve truly experienced all that EVE has to offer until you’ve taken a walk on the dark side. Give it a try here, because you can’t get this kind of fix in any other game.

Bust Out the Credit Cards: EVE Fanfest 2015 and EVE Vegas Tickets Now on Sale

It seems like the floodgates have officially opened on fan event ticket sales. If you haven't already broke the bank snagging tickets for SOE Live or BlizzCon, today CCP is giving you two more opportunities to do so as tickets have gone on sale for both EVE Vegas and EVE Fanfest 2015.

Fri, May 16, 2014

Can’t make it down to Reykjavik, Iceland for EVE Fanfest 2014 in May? There’s an online streaming alternative.

Press Release, News
Wed, Apr 09, 2014

CCP reveals its plans for an epic celebration of the EVE universe at EVE Fanfest in May.

Press Release, Video, News, Official Announcements
Fri, Feb 28, 2014

The first issue of Dark Horse Comics’ new series featuring the true stories of EVE Online in comic form is now available.

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Thu, Feb 20, 2014

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