PlanetSide Q&A at Gamecloud

Posted Thu, Dec 01, 2005 by Ethec

BFGs for your BFRs
Gamecloud sits down with Thom Terrezas, project manager for SOE's sleeper MMOFPS PlanetSide to discuss how the game's done since launch 2 years ago.

Thom Terrazas - PS has gone through a lot of exciting changes since launch. Some of the more notable features we are proud of include localizing PlanetSide in China; Merit/Award Commendations; Battle Islands; BFR’s; and the Event System. We have a very vocal community that gives us great feedback on a daily basis. We try to be as responsive as possible to their suggestions. Like us, they just want the game to become better and better.

Head to Gamecloud to see the interview with PlanetSide's Thom Terrezas
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