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EVE Ship Guide: The Manticore (EVE Online Guide) - Page 2

Updated Fri, Oct 28, 2011 by Space Junkie

Middle Slots

  • x1 Target Painter I
  • x1 1mn Microwarpdrive I
  • x1 Warp Disruptor I
  • x1 Stasis Webifier I

The manticore is one of only two stealth bombers that has four middle slots, and it can use these to good effect by bringing a target painter to increase the damage targets take from torpedos. The neat thing about the target painter is that it scales up with more stealth bombers shooting the target. This is handy if you bring friends.

Ship Guide

Even though a microwarpdrive cannot be used while cloaked, it is very useful once you de-cloak because it allows you to orbit targets at greater speed. A big target will have much trouble hitting you, assuming a close orbit. Many stealth bombers have single-handedly solo killed battleships that did not have anti-frigate modules equipped. The "MWD" is also handy for retreating though gates.

The warp disruptor and stasis webifier are both standard tackling gear.

These middle modules are much improved through the use of "named" or tech two gear. Fair warning: named target painters cost a fortune.

Alternatives: Though this ship guide recommends what I consider to be the best general fitting, other possibilities include a sensor booster, small shield extender, or warp scrambler, depending mostly on your intended targets.

Low Slots

  • x2 Ballistic Control Systems I

More than any other module on this ship, these should be upgraded to tech two if possible. They are not too expensive, and require Weapon Upgrades to be trained to 4, which is something any pilot that undocks is likely to want at some point.


  • 1x Small Bay Loading Accelerator I
  • 1x Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I

Small rigs are cheap as heck. Buff your missile damage with these beauties.

Guide To Cloaking

Cloaking seems simple enough on its surface: when you are cloaked as a stealth bomber, other players cannot see or lock you, you cannot lock onto other ships or objects, and you remain visible in local chat. If you get within 2000 meters of another ship or object, you will de-cloak and not be able to re-cloak for several seconds.

There are some issues surrounding cloaks and tricks to deal with them. There are two chief ways that people will try to de-cloak you:

First, they will drop a mobile warp disruptor. This device pulls any ship that warps toward it into the edge of its field. Because the angle that ships warp from is often predictable based on the layout of a solar system, it is possible for gankers to park their ships in the precise spot that will de-cloak a stealth bomber pulled into it. This is avoidable by changing the angle that you warp to gates at. When you jump into a solar system that you suspect is trapped, get safe and cloak up, then look at the map of the solar system. Note a planet that is not located in the same direction as the gate that you emerged from, and warp to that before proceeding to the next gate. Even if you still get sucked into the mobile bubble, it is unlikely that there will be anything there to de-cloak you.

Second, many players will release their drones and assign the control of them to another player in their fleet. In this way it is entirely possible to build up a huge swarm of them following around a single fast ship, which can speed in the direction of your cloaked stealth bomber moments after you jump through a gate. Because proximity to the drones will decloak you, and because this swarm of drones covers a much wider area than a single ship could, it is very likely that you will be de-cloaked and podded. The way to beat this is to wait out your session change timer (thirty seconds) and speed back through the gate you just jumped through. The enemy may give chase, but it is unlikely that they will be able to catch you on the other side.

For more about cloaking, see our cloaking FAQ.

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