Holiday Plans for CoH and CoV

Posted Mon, Dec 05, 2005 by LadySirse

Tights, Their Not Just For Women Anymore...
of Paragon City!
Miss Liberty has a special message for you...

Transcript of Miss Liberty’s Radio Address on December 2nd, 2005:
Heroes of Paragon, as the threat of Arachnos darkens our shores and the Rikti
menace remains unchecked, these are dangerous times certain to try even the
strongest hero’s resolve.
Yet, day after day you ceaselessly strive to protect the freedom and honor
of your home. Your stalwart struggle against the tyranny of evil is for neither
fame nor money. Instead you rise above these concerns as you fight for what
you know in your heart to be right.
We believe that this selfless dedication to the principles of justice must
be recognized! In order to acknowledge your superlative contribution to the
ongoing and ever growing glory of Paragon City, we at Freedom Corps have arranged
a special holiday gift for you all!

But, be warned! The City
of Villians
has already heard of this and are formulating a plan as we speak!

Take this to Silver Mantis right away!
I just overheard a radio address from that old bag Miss Liberty and she’s
made some tasty toys for her cloth-wearing weaklings to buy a little loyalty.
Sounds like it will be a high-tech gadget and I’m going to catch a shipment
before they get to Independence Port. Assuming it isn’t just some holiday
piece of junk, I want to build it into my armor.
Lord Recluse gave the go ahead but only if I share the spoils with those
destined scum that have overrun my territory like rats. Ah well, we can keep
most of the haul for ourselves as long as we give enough away to keep the
Arachnos wannabes quiet.

Hurry! You only have from December 8 to January 2!

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