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EVE Online Guide To Keeping Busy (EVE Online Guide) - Page 2

Posted Thu, Nov 03, 2011 by Space Junkie


Adopt A Newbie: EVE Online is a hard game to learn, and new players need to do a lot of reading and playing to get in the swing of things. This is why you, as a more established player, should adopt a new player and impart some of your wisdom to them. The recipient of one-on-one guidance is more likely to continue playing EVE Online, and will become an asset to their corporation much faster. Fair warning: don't get your newbie too used to free handouts. You don't want to spoil him.

Help Strangers: People get stuck on missions and need help, all the time. Just wander throughout the solar systems near Jita and Amarr, and there is nearly always someone looking for some help. If not, you can always offer in local chat. The biggest system where this happens, bar none, is Arnon. This is because it is where some of the more dangerous parts of the epic mission arc assigned by Sister Alitura (an EVE agent). Depend on the time of day, someone usually asks for help every few minutes.

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Lead A Frigate Fleet: Most players in EVE Online have never been in a consensual PvP fight. Help others get past the intimidation factor by banding together in an expendable fleet of frigates and sallying forth into low- or null-sec. Because the ships used are cheap, everybody can afford to attend and nobody will get too mad if they blow up. An alert player will generally learn more about EVE game mechanics getting blown up than they will blowing things up, so even if your fleet is wiped completely out it should be a learning experience.

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Write An EVE Guide: When I first started playing EVE Online in 2007, there was almost nothing in the way of reliable information available. The best places to run missions and best EVE agents? Impossible to determine. The best moon mineral locations? A closely guarded secret. How POS mechanics work? Laughable and impossible to decipher, at the same time. Since then, things have improved significantly: CCP has their own wiki, while media sites like Ten Ton Hammer give more attention to the fine details with hundreds of EVE Online guides. Perhaps most importantly, the culture and nature of the game itself has changed to the point where expertise in a given game mechanic is no longer restricted to a few dozen people. You can help spread the love by writing your own guide about whatever you like. Fair warning: don't write specific details about a lucrative way to get ISK unless you want to have all the profit competed out of it.

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