WoW Editorial: Gold Farmers and Community Support

Posted Tue, Jan 15, 2008 by Shayalyn

"Please excuse! Are you looking for WoW gold to make better your character?"

In this weeks editorial Byron "Messiah" Mudry looks at a topic that he hasn't touched in a while. With the new year here though, he felt the need to go muck around in the hornet's nest again. The topic is: Gold Sellers. This time he gives his take on how the community supports them and allows them to continue to exist. He takes this stance since they obviously do massive sales and continue to exist despite Blizzard's action against them in the form of large scale bans.

The second key factor that I believe keeps the secondary market going, is the apparent non-caring / support for it from the average player. Many believe that what they do is up to them, after all it's not hurting anyone is it? Huh? Am I blaming the average player? Yes to a degree I am. After all, without a market the sellers would not exist.

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