Tabula Rasa Targets of Opportunity - Concordia Wilderness

Opportunities to Earn Clone Credits Await!
Opportunities to Earn Clone Credits Await!

One of Tabula Rasa’s unique features is the ability to clone, which allows any player a chance to reinvent themselves or create a few more playable alts. One of the ways to earn clone credits is by completing the epic Targets of Opportunities missions in each zone. Don’t fret! Ten Ton Hammer presents this guide to a new recruit’s first encounter with Targets of Opportunity: Concordia Wilderness.

Exterminator: Kill 40 Miasma. These out of water octopus bugs are found in Alia and Enigma Caves, or the unmarked caves off Ranja Gorge. Watch out for their nasty AoE purple cloud attack, and remember not to shoot when they are phased out.

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