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EVE Starbases Made Simple, Part Two (EVE Online Guide) - Page 2

Posted Tue, Nov 15, 2011 by Space Junkie

EVE Starbase Basics: Simple Reactions

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Total CPU: 3,000 tf

The next step up in terms of complication is reacting minerals. It is simple enough: two silos or moon harvesting arrays are set up to feed their materials into a simple reactor array that contains a reaction blueprint, that then deposits the reacted product into yet another silo. Note first that each silo can only be set to contain a single material. Note also that for the purpose of reactions, silos and moon harvesters are largely identical, as they both require the same CPU. Though silos require a bit more power, CPU is almost always the limiting factor when designing a reaction starbase.

The main difference is in your bottom line, since you would much rather harvest a material than buy it on the Jita market. Unfortunately for would-be industrialists everywhere, the good moons are pretty much taken. One possible exception is when an alliance vacates an area, without others rolling in to live in the space. Even so, you can be sure that the really good moons will always have someone ready to take over, or that the vacating alliance will retain control of them for as long as possible, even when they have lost every station in the region. This is chiefly because of the EVE map site Dotlan, which has made a vast amount of moon scan information public knowledge. On an alliance level, the first thing that many corporations worry about when moving into a new region is what moons they can grab.

Your best case scenario for finding a moon is likely to be a mineral of middling value that can be reacted with an expensive Jita mineral to make a more product. Often times, it just makes sense to drop a control tower somewhere convenient and then buy both of the ingredients at Jita.

An important point to note is that moon minerals can only be reacted in solar systems with .3 security or below. That means high-sec space is right out.

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