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EVE Starbases Made Simple, Part Two (EVE Online Guide) - Page 3

Posted Tue, Nov 15, 2011 by Space Junkie

EVE Starbase Mechanics: Complex Reactions

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Total CPU: 4,500 tf

Complex reactions happen exactly the same way as simple reactions, with the following exceptions:

  • They make use of a Complex Reactor Array, which requires more CPU and power than a Simple Reactor. This necessitates using a large tower.
  • The ingredients used in a complex reaction are only produced by reacting together other moon minerals. This means that you cannot use a moon harvester to provide the ingredients, only silos.
  • Complex reactions sometimes require more than two ingredients.
  • Complex reactions often output material with sizable mass. Some reactions may fill up a silo much faster than simple reactions.

Our example shown aboveis how to make Fernite Carbide. Note that while both of the ingredients are produced by simple reactions, the Fernite Alloy is much more expensive than the ceramic powder. If you are looking to make ISK and have the right moons available, it makes more sense to make the former and buy the latter. Indeed, ceramic powder is often made at a loss due to its extremely low cost. Complex reactions often make up for this loss overall, though.

Unlike any material produced by a simple reactor, fernite carbide is an advanced material that can be used directly in the production of tech two ships and modules. This is helpful because it insulates you from market fluctuations: even if fernite carbide is underpriced on the market due to market manipulation or other factors, you can still use it to make tech two modules and ships which are unlikely to be particularly affected by the slump.

EVE Starbase Mechanics: Large Towers

Though EVE Online is a game where bigger is not always better, control towers are one area where that is definitively so. A larger tower will be able to host more structures, better defenses, and will be more arduous for your enemies to attack. While a single player might reinforce and eventually reinforce a small control tower, a well-defended large control tower necessitates a fleet, usually of capital ships. It also requires a great deal of time, depending on how many ships are attacking and whether they fear a counter-attack.

Though the painful nature of attacking a large starbase is a disincentive for many attackers, it also may attract some. Some players will assume that your reaction tower is more valuable, if it is large and does not need to be. This is especially true of faction control towers or those that have faction structures anchored.

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