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EVE Starbases Made Simple, Part Two (EVE Online Guide) - Page 4

Posted Tue, Nov 15, 2011 by Space Junkie

EVE Starbase Mechanics: Complex/Simple Reaction Combinations

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Total CPU: 7,000 tf

If you have decided to use a large control tower to host a complex reaction, you might as well take things another step. A large Caldari starbase can host both a simple and complex reaction at once, enabling you to produce one of your own source materials, hopefully in a way that increases your profits.

Notably, the other three racial towers do not have sufficient CPU.

In our example here, we are producing both fernite alloy and fernite carbide on the same starbase. You will need to continually refill the ceramic power silo, as well as the scandium or vanadium silos (unless those are able to be mined from your moon, in which case harvesters are the way to go.

The simple reaction shown will produce twice as much fernite alloy as needed to keep your complex reactor running, so you will need to periodically empty your fernite alloy silo, as well, to avoid waste.

Some Final Words On EVE Starbases

I leave you with some general tips to running your reaction starbase:

  • Keep your profit spreadsheet updated to reflect price changes. It would not do to accidentally be subtracting value from your ingredients!
  • Keeping more than one control tower fueled and reacting is a lot of work. Don't drop multiple towers unless you have tried taking care of a single one for at least a few weeks.
  • If you must have multiple starbases, they had best not be in different systems or, god forbid, several jumps away from each other.
  • Check out our guide to producing your own starbase fuel. That's good ISK, right there.

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