Nerfbat Tales from the Tavern: Volume IV

Tavern tales are usually quite interesting.

Tavern tales are usually quite interesting.

Ryan Shwayder has posted another "Tales from the Tavern" article, which summarizes some of the more active or interesting posts found in his MMOG forums over at Nerfbat. Here are the highlights:

* Quests vs. Interactive Fiction: What makes a quest a quest? How many quests are there, really, in any given MMO? And we mean real quests, not just kill ten rats. Started by Charles Gill
* Asynchronous Social Gameplay: How do you get players to play “together” without even necessarily being online at the same time? You know, guild systems with an advancement system, player towns, etc. Started by Blackguard via Tuebit
* MMOs: Console vs. Computer: Can the same MMO work well on both the console and the computer? What about the control schemes? Started by Tagrun
* PvP Server Rules: Ever played on a PvP server? If so, how many and what kind of rules do you like? Level restrictions? Karma? No rules like Fansy? Started by Blackguard.

If any of those sound interesting to you, go take a look at what people have to say at Nerfbat.

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